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Welcome to Domistyle Design

We design beautiful interiors for your forever home, including high end kitchens and luxurious master suites. It’s the study that calms your mind and sparks creativity; the perfectly laid-out kitchen that makes cooking a joy; the living room that inspires cozy conversations and beautiful gatherings. Our designs nurture you, and enrich every celebration and daily routine at home.

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I’m Thea Stephens, and I discovered my love for interior design when I was just a little girl who rearranged her room all the time.

My fascination with design began with my grandmother. A graduate of the Art Institute of Chicago, she dabbled in interior design. Accompanying her to the Design Center in LA was truly a highlight of my childhood and planted the seeds that would eventually take root and grow into my own love for home design. 
At school, while my playmates were using coloring books, I was drawing floorplans of dream homes. I can still recall the bedroom I designed for myself at seven years old. As I grew up I decided it was time to take this passion of mine more seriously and make it into my career. And that’s exactly what I did.
I received a B.A. in Studio Art which initially led me to advertising and graphic design. Throughout my career, I have explored color and light and taken a deeper dive into understanding how they can transform a space, affecting both physical and mental health. This knowledge comes into play in every aspect of my work:  no two color palettes or lighting plans are the same. Every design is tailor-made for one home and one client.
I find my joy in helping people love the home they live in. When I’m not designing, I love spending time with my husband, Chris, playing with our grandkids, enjoying the outdoors, and always trying new recipes. Nothing beats a delicious meal shared with friends in a lovely space.



Our Process


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Step 1: Initial Contact

Discovery Call & Consultation

First is a complimentary Discovery Call to discuss your project. Then, it's get-to-know-you time during an in-home consultation where we will discuss your needs in more detail, ask and answer questions and ensure we’re a good fit for your project. We'll talk rough costs, your family's calendar and the scope of work.

Step 2: Exploratory Phase

Developing the Vision & Its Pricetag


This is an 8 to 10 week process of collaboration and interaction. We'll take photos and detailed measurements for our preliminary design work and space planning. You'll work directly with the Domistyle team as we refine the scope of work, develop a conceptual plan and consult with trusted colleagues to gather probable construction costs, when applicable. Agreement upon the overall investment of both time and money is at the conclusion of this Exploratory Phase of work. 

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Step 3: Nitty Gritty

Construction Documents & Selections

With the preliminary budget set, it's time for construction drawings and all the minutiae, spiced up by selecting the fun stuff: all of the products, materials and furnishings to fit your design preferences and functional needs. With our 3D images you'll be able to see what's ahead and the excitement begins to build. 

Step 4: Ordering + Construction

Now It's Getting Real

Once you approve the proposal of the final selections, ordering begins. We will place and track all furniture orders, which will go to our white glove concierge, who will inspect and store all large items until they are ready to be delivered. If applicable, construction will begin, and you will receive progress updates weekly.

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Step 5: Install & Reveal

Vision Becomes Reality

Once construction is complete and all the furnishings have arrived, we will schedule an installation day (or two!) when you leave us with our team to place everything where it belongs. Then you come home for the big reveal so you can love the home you live in.

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